Who is Richard Verkley?

About Richard Verkley:-

Richard Verkley is a typical man with a major vision to contribute his part to the world and contribute for the masses’ better on the loose. Very little is thought about the expert existence of Richard Verkley with the exception of the actuality he could call his own business sector that got presented as Farpoints Meta and Mining.

Looking for towards the expert existence of Richard Verkley, it has been uncovered that the man fits in with the nationality of Canada and makes the most of his conjugal status absolutely. However, a considerable measure of business people had stepped forward as a test to the general public and present their expert enterprise abilities in the currency market, yet, Richard Verkley emerges from the rest because of the way that he stands relentlessly against the quick pacing society with his business as well as minds too.


Richard Verkley – An inspiring all-rounder


Richard Verkley is an inspiring Ecuador based businessman and also the Chief Executive Officer of Focal Point International. He is an aspiring entrepreneur for most of the people looking to make big name in the business sector. Richard Verkley was awarded a couple of awards because for his sheer determination and immense success in his business. He is also a renowned philanthropist in Ecuador, where he did great charitable work for the local community by forming different organizations. He works extremely hard for the welfare and support of the local people but he is still not much successful as a philanthropist as much as he is as a businessman.

Focusing on the importance of buying small franchises:

Mr. Richard Verkley success is mostly because of his great managerial skills and his ability to take the right decisions at the right time. He has a very deep experience when it comes to the franchise buying business. He accumulated many small franchises to become part of his business. He mentors a lot of other people and encourages them to buy small renowned franchises to make a big impact. He just advises other amateur businessmen to make wise decisions after doing a proper analysis of the business. Buying a small franchise is a great idea according to him because the business owner doesn’t need to spend too much on marketing as everything has already been done. He just needs to have good management skills to run the business successfully. The team running the franchise should be highly professional with exceptional set of management skills.

Heats of Gold charity project by Richard Verkley:

The first major success or breakthrough in the career of Richard Verkley came through his Gold and Silver shop. They started off by sponsoring the major Christmas events such as the Christmas gold for children program which helped them a great deal in collecting funds from the people. The funds collected were donated to 3 orphanage homes in Ecuador for the benefit of orphans. This program was a huge success and Richard Verkley was well appreciated for his efforts. Soon after this huge success, Mr. Verkley inaugurated his very own ‘Heart of Gold Foundation’ and everything after this was done in a more organized and systematic way. The primary aim of the Foundation was to make them literate which would eventually help them to break the poverty cycle which they are currently going through. The operations of the foundation are expected to reach the countrywide communities very soon. Mr. Verkley also announced that he will give a certain percentage of all his earning to the charity that he is running.

Richard Verkley

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Richard Verkley is a mentors who takes care off everyone interested in operating with small business franchise, so you can get the most out of your business. Richard aims at focusing attention on the most important keys you need to have in mind, regarding advantages of owning a small business franchise, along with step-by-step explanations about everything you need to know about small business franchise purchases. Richard Verkley is dedicated to mentoring potential franchise buyers, providing them with tips and tricks on how to be definitely certain that the franchise they are interested in buying can bring them prosperity and growth, so among advising on franchise buying, this dedicated franchise mentor covers up all aspects of franchise business theory, made easy and comprehensive through his coaching videos on franchise business. Richard Verkley also turns attention to certain risks which follows franchise business purchasing, but stresses out that every business comes…

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Entrepreneurship is in good hands Richard Verkley

Richard Verkley stresses out that idea solely cannot be enough when starting a business you want to grow and succeed, for every business require quality spent time on thorough researching and analyzing the market demand and economy status at that point. Focal Point International with Richard Verkley is proud to present their team of professional who are set to deliver top coaching services and franchise advising to all of their clients, helping them get to the point where they can be happy with their achievements and enjoy amenities of well developed business.

Richard Verkley

The modern era has brought with it increasing clouds of scrutiny over what entrepreneurship effectively means, what is its scope and how does it benefit the wider community. These concerns are especially voiced in underdeveloped countries. Considering the importance of budding entrepreneurs for the economy who contribute in small but critical doses, indifferent attitudes towards entrepreneurship might not be a good sign. But thanks to people like Richard Verkley, entrepreneurship remains the thing for the future.  

Some insights into the personality of Richard Verkley

Although he considers himself an ordinary down to earth person, the masses of Ecuador know him as their hero. He works as a leadership enthusiast conducting sessions and lectures on how to develop oneself. But that’s not the only thing he does. He also works as a part time human rights activist. He has founded several foundations and organizations that strive towards helping the local…

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